Sep 03, 2016

We are now offer branding and promotion opportunities on our launcher for 2016 & 2017! Contact us for details.

Booking events for Sept & Oct 2016, Call 203-228-2768 for open dates.  


  Would you like to be a part of our CT Launching 4 Charity program?  

  What are the requirements to be part of the program? 
  1. You have to be available for tournaments mainly Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday 
  2. You need to have reliable transportation 
  3. You should be a golfer and be familiar with some courses in CT
  4. You must be a people person and love to help others
  5. Ideal additional income for Golf tournament planners/ organizers,  Pro's or anyone working with golf courses

You will be part of a unique opportunity which is a novelty at golf tournaments - the launcher has been at over 60 tournaments in less than two years in Connecticut and demand is only growing! We are anticipating in being in over 150+ events in CT in 2016/2017.

Please call Josh at 203-228-2768 for 2017 Season application and details about the job.

Another amazing part is ........ the Dart Golf Ball is patented by our partner group Launching4Charity in Florida!
Here is a picture of Robert Block creator of the Golf Ball Launcher & Dart Golf Ball at a University of Miami Event!



** If you are Interested in operating the Golf Ball Launcher in any other state, please contact Martina Schramm - National Program Director at 954-790-4180 or by email at