Sep 03, 2016

We are now offer branding and promotion opportunities on our launcher for 2016 & 2017! Contact us for details.

Booking events for Sept & Oct 2016, Call 203-228-2768 for open dates.  

 CT Golf Event Planner has spent these past 3 years finding partners so we may bring you seemless integration for all of your tournament needs. Each affiliation offers the complete solution from start to finish from having your own event site to unique sponsorship ideas to a variety of unique contests & games.

Our last event in October at Lyman Orchards Golf Course we tried something different from a par 5 and had a make-shift hole put on the fairway about 375 yards away, and this was the closest for the day. 11 inches

How do we help you to raise MORE money ? 

  • There is no cost for the charity - we "give" you money at the end of the day
  • Launching dart golf balls (pat.pen.) onto the green is FUN for all players!
  • We provide an interactive contest  - not your same old long drive !
  • A par 4 will turn into a par 3 with the opportunity for an Eagle Putt!
  • We do not slow down play  - we speed it up with less strokes! 
  • Our staff launching for your charity is trained in raising funds for charity! 
  • We have different formats with different pricing levels for you to choose from
  • Whatever works best for your event to raise the most possible funds! 


  • Include the Launcher early in your tournament to promote it as sponsored contest and raise more money! 
Please contact us to be a part of your tournament or outing. 

You may see other launchers offered for tournament play - always ask if the equipment is build for professional use with player safety in mind and if proper insurance is available. You may see other use regular golf balls - and no matter how self correcting they claim to be - they will not launch straight with the precision our patented dart golf ball has - we developed the dart golf ball because it did not work out with regular golf balls.